Thursday, February 18, 2010

We Love Ashes

Gratitude: Ash Wednesday, good coffee, creative friends.

Me: enjoying mid-winter break, which I usually don't really see a need for but will take it this year.

Da House: I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning and organizing. Will be tackling the office closet soon. I need to figure out a way of convincing my family that once things get organized they stay that way if we all put things back where they belong.

The Dog: He got his physical this week and his blood work looks good. The phenobarb that he has been taking can wreak havoc on his liver but his levels look okay. Perhaps I will work on an addition to his diet that supports good liver health.

The Girls: Isabelle is currently at an art-experience with our friend Matt Bazemore. He is a wonderful artist who was willing to spend some hours "out in the field" giving Isabelle some art pointers. The girls and I went to SAM yesterday. Sadie was not too impressed with the art but very much enjoyed the children's spaces. Isabelle, however, would have stayed longer. I must say, I enjoy my daughters so much. There perspectives on life never cease to impress me.

Reading/Watching/Listening: Reading the 2nd Remy Chandler book by Tom Snegoski. Remy is a Seraphim who has chosen to take a break from Heaven and take human form. He is a private investigator who is frequently having to deal with fallen angels creating problems on earth. Darker than you might imagine.

Eagerly Anticipating: A hefty tax return that may get the family to Palm Springs for Spring Break.

Projects: Organizing and pondering a shift in landscaping in the front yard. I'm looking for a lattice style fence on which I can mosaic something.

Thinking on: Lent. I am sacrificing dessert again this year. It's hard but so worth it.

Work: Two weeks until the first Marimba Club performance. The kids have deemed themselves "The Bad Monkeys". They are sounding great. I love my job.

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