Wednesday, February 24, 2010

monster eating people in the underground of Seattle

Gratitude: really good piano players, those I work with and those I am related to.

Me: realizing that sometimes you get what you asked for.

Da House: Huge epiphany on the re-vamping of my front yard. I found a wonderful idea for using lattice fencing to create a privacy screen as well as a place to hang flower pots. Lumber yard here I come!

The Dog: wiggly and soft

The Girls: Back at it with school and childcare. Sadie is incredibly devoted to her routine and does not like any one messing with it. I am trying to accept this as a typical four-year old "thing" without giving in to it much. I did NOT drive to Bothell last night when we realized that her blanket was left at the babysitter's house.

Reading/Watching/Listening: Reading the 3rd of the Greywalker series. This one is about a monster eating people in the underground of Seattle. Really good!

Eagerly Anticipating: A hefty tax return that may get the family to Palm Springs for Spring Break!

Projects: fence idea found now on to the lumber yard!

Thinking on: facing fears and resisting old patterns.

Work: Bad Monkey performance a week from Friday. They sound so GREAT! Had an observation that went very well today. Can't wait for Overton's visit to my classroom tomorrow to share Duke Ellington music with my kiddos. I love my job.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

We Love Ashes

Gratitude: Ash Wednesday, good coffee, creative friends.

Me: enjoying mid-winter break, which I usually don't really see a need for but will take it this year.

Da House: I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning and organizing. Will be tackling the office closet soon. I need to figure out a way of convincing my family that once things get organized they stay that way if we all put things back where they belong.

The Dog: He got his physical this week and his blood work looks good. The phenobarb that he has been taking can wreak havoc on his liver but his levels look okay. Perhaps I will work on an addition to his diet that supports good liver health.

The Girls: Isabelle is currently at an art-experience with our friend Matt Bazemore. He is a wonderful artist who was willing to spend some hours "out in the field" giving Isabelle some art pointers. The girls and I went to SAM yesterday. Sadie was not too impressed with the art but very much enjoyed the children's spaces. Isabelle, however, would have stayed longer. I must say, I enjoy my daughters so much. There perspectives on life never cease to impress me.

Reading/Watching/Listening: Reading the 2nd Remy Chandler book by Tom Snegoski. Remy is a Seraphim who has chosen to take a break from Heaven and take human form. He is a private investigator who is frequently having to deal with fallen angels creating problems on earth. Darker than you might imagine.

Eagerly Anticipating: A hefty tax return that may get the family to Palm Springs for Spring Break.

Projects: Organizing and pondering a shift in landscaping in the front yard. I'm looking for a lattice style fence on which I can mosaic something.

Thinking on: Lent. I am sacrificing dessert again this year. It's hard but so worth it.

Work: Two weeks until the first Marimba Club performance. The kids have deemed themselves "The Bad Monkeys". They are sounding great. I love my job.