Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two in two days!

Gratitude: A husband who will listen to me. Smart, articulate people.

Me: Back from a wonderful Advent Bible Study class at Church. Big aha moment was that Jesus prays for us too! John 17. Oh dear, one bible study and I'm quoting scripture!

Da House: Messy, due to a 12-year old that doesn't clean up after herself. She does, however, bake a fine birthday cupcake for her little sister.

The Dog: Suffering from a mild case of conjunctivitis (my diagnosis) which we are treating with my contact lens disinfecting solution. Looking a little better and not as red. Still, don't tell the vet.

Reading/Watching/Listening: Reading book 3 of the Weather Warden's series. Watching "The Prisoner" which apparently is a remake of a 1960's series. This round has Jim Caviezial (sp)? and Ian McCullum in it. It is terribly confusing as well as terribly entertaining.

Eagerly Anticipating: Sadie's FOURTH birthday tomorrow! Ensuing festivities on Sunday. Sadie has stated, in no uncertain terms, that she will NOT be turning four and will remain a three-year old until further notice. A hoity toity Christmas gathering in Gig Harbor for a client of Sean's. The St. Jame Advent Bazzaaaarrrr.

Projects: Mosaic-ing away for the Bazzaaarrrr. Grouting on three crosses done, now to find mirrors to fit the frames.

Thinking on: My prayer-life is not so seriously lacking. God, does work in those mysterious ways, even on thar Interwebz. Case in point: sister reading your blog when you forgot you friended her on Facebook back in the days when you were speaking!!

Work: Secular and Sacred Holiday music, but still can't find a good Kwannza carol.

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