Sunday, December 27, 2009

The theme is laziness

Gratitude: a good mattress, new sheets, and a husband who lets me sleep in.

Me: loving the days after Christmas. Laziness and lots of down time.

Da House: relatively clean save for the little toy explosions that occur in the MIDDLE of the kitchen floor.

The Dog: is entertaining Scarlett while Miss Ruth is in Portland.

The Girls: Belle and I sang at Blessed Sacrament last night with Amy, Ruby, and Matt. It was very, very nice. Harp accompaniment. I am so proud of my daughter for so many reasons. Sadie is coming down from Christmas. It was a lot to get her head around and she pretty much lost it on Christmas night. She had a very fun afternoon with Grandpa B and Paco playing games and being the center of attention, which is never a bad thing and then slept for 11 hours last night.

Reading/Watching/Listening: Watched "The Visitor" last night. Heading to see Avatar with my DH this afternoon. Thanks to Amy and the clan for watching our girls.

Eagerly Anticipating: Lazing about.

Projects: Just remembered I have a cross to start on and I want to start on another for Lydia Anderson. Lydia is the daughter of a colleague who is battling a re-occurence of Leukemia. She's only 8 years old for heavens sake!

Thinking on: carving out some time for centered prayer. Still praying on a miracle for healing within my family.

Work: Will need to start on that project for the 4th. Maybe a little bit everyday this week and a big push on the 2nd?

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