Friday, December 11, 2009

a quiet afternoon

Gratitude: Christmas lights

Me: Taking an afternoon to get some errands run. So much more efficient without a 4 year old. Yes, she is admitting to being 4 now.

Da House: Cold and cold and cold. Very tempted to spend the 10K to get a new furnace. Oh wait, I don't have 10K. Hoping the police don't come by to ding me for burning a fire during the burn ban.

The Dog: During the cold snap he gets to stay in the house, by himself if we leave for the evening. He has been good so far, hopefully he's old enough to know to not chew up the new sofa.

The Girls: Belle had a very busy week with homework and band/choir performances. She is trying very hard to stay on top of the homework load, and is mostly successful. I am very proud of her diligence. Sadie has finally admitted to being 4 but refused to take her vitamins this morning because she doesn't want to "be big and strong". "My gracious!"

Reading/Watching/Listening: Finished book 3 of the Weather Warden's series. Finished watching "The Prisoner" which did not end well. Still don't get it. 6 hours wasted!!!

Eagerly Anticipating: Tin and Dave's ornament exchange party tonight and a work event tomorrow night.

Projects: Sold 4 crosses at the Bazaar, but no mirrors. Someone said people don't like to buy mirrors when the economy is bad. Really?? Five orders for crosses after taking my wares to work. Will be working on those this weekend!

Thinking on: Advent and the waiting. I read a blog from someone who "hates Christmas". I found that sad. Bible study this week focused on how Jesus teaches us to pray. Point to ponder: Jesus asks that we bring everything to the altar. Including our angers, resentments, and frustrations. We don't have to come to the altar "clean", the altar is where we are cleansed.

Work: The kids are getting noisy. Trying to stay consistent, but we all need a vacation. Passive/aggressive children are very difficult for me to work with so I try to remember that I am the grown up and they are less than 12.

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