Tuesday, December 22, 2009

O Come O Come Emmanuel

Gratitude: friends. A lovely 12-year old who enjoys crafting and painting.

Me: ticking off the list of gifts and projects before the big day and doing my very best to not see the task as a "task" but as a celebration of the season.

Da House: kind of messy but I'm glad I'm home to take care of cleaning it up. I much prefer a house that I have time to clean. Doesn't mean it gets done right away but it could if I chose to do so.

The Dog: is struggling with us being home all day. We really mess up his napping schedule.

The Girls: Belle sang a very lovely Readings and Carols concert on Sunday night. I was thoroughly bathed in the Spirit. I love my church. Sadie is getting a handle on this whole Santa thing. She prefers Santa at a distance, however, no going to sit on anyone's lap this year!

Reading/Watching/Listening: Watched "Taking Chance" the other night. Based on a true story about a marine officer escorting the remains of Private Chance Phelps home to his family. Very well done and nice to see the emphasis on American's who appreciate the sacrifice of our military without having to teabag to do it.

Eagerly Anticipating: Christmas! Spending the eve and the day with lovely, lovely friends.

Projects: Safely delivered the 5 crosses that colleagues ordered last week. I will definitely be taking orders a bit earlier next year. One more cross to go, but will wait until the New Year to deliver it. Found a very cool book of paper ornaments to create at JoAnn's. The paper is pre-perforated with the folding directions included. I have yet to create any, however, as Isabelle has taken this on with venom.

Thinking on: The Season. My Advent bible study on prayer has stuck and I found myself excited to pray the other night.

Work: Have a bit of a project to complete for the 4th but will hold off on that until after Christmas.

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