Saturday, December 5, 2009

All Fesitve, All the Time

Gratitude: my faith, Advent, half-price books.

Me: Returned from a nice work out and some Christmas shopping. Found some festive decorations for my bathroom and completed our Advent Wreath, I know, I'm late.

Da House: Very Festive! Even the Bathroom! Mostly clean, in preparation for Sadie's not-4 Birthday party tomorrow.

The Dog: Eye is all cleared up. Thank you home remedies. Needs his nails trimmed.

Reading/Watching/Listening: Reading book 3 of the Weather Warden's series. Watching "The Prisoner" which apparently is a remake of a 1960's series. This round has Jim Caviezial (sp)? and Ian McCullum in it. It is terribly confusing as well as terribly entertaining.

Eagerly Anticipating: Sadie's not-4 birthday party. She is still refusing to turn 4 regardless of my attempts to convince her about the advantages of aging. We didn't go to Gig Harbor for the party today. Darling Husband was not comfortable with leaving Belle babysitting for so long, and dear Uncle Paco was not available. I was secretly glad, because my weekend was looking a little Caldwellian.The St. Jame Advent Bazzaaaarrrr tomorrow!!!!

Projects: A couple more things to spray with Varathane but other than that, ready to go. Hope I sell a few things at the Bazzaaaarrrr.

Thinking on: My prayer life. I was raised with the tradition that family prayer was around the dinner table and at Church nothing wrong with that, just the way it was. Today, a new tradition was born. Sean, the girls, and I blessed our Advent Wreath as a family. Isabelle and I even sang a verse of O Come Emmanuel. Thanks to the Buchholz family for the Family Blessings book.

Work: The Sister Schools supply drive started yesterday. I love that we teach our students that they can save the world, but more than that, that they feel a sense of responsibility to help those less fortunate than themselves.

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