Monday, November 30, 2009

Blatant Thievery

Gratitude: The will to exercise on a regular basis and to enjoy said exercise.

Me: Startled by an email from my sister that included no veiled (or blatant) guilt trips. Just a pleasant invitation for Christmas dinner.

Da House: Decorated for Christmas on the outside, the inside will occur gradually over the next few days in anticipation for Sadie's b'day party.

The Dog: Suffering from a mild case of conjunctivitis (my diagnosis) which we are treating with my contact lens disinfecting solution. Don't tell the vet.

Reading/Watching/Listening: Reading book 3 of the Weather Warden's series. Watching "The Prisoner" which apparently is a remake of a 1960's series. This round has Jim Caviezial (sp)? and Ian McCullum in it. It is terribly confusing as well as terribly entertaining.

Eagerly Anticipating: An Advent Bible Study series at Church tomorrow night. I have never attended a bible study, being a Catholic and all, but how hard can it be?? Also, Sadie's FOURTH birthday on Wednesday and ensuing festivities on Sunday. A hoity toity Christmas gathering in Gig Harbor for a client of Sean's. The St. Jame Advent Bazzaaaarrrr.

Projects: Mosaic-ing away for the Bazzaaarrrr.

Thinking on: My crazy family and how I so don't want to deal with them. Can't they just get sane so we can all get along??

Work: Have just begun Winter Music, trying to cover the bases and have fun. My piano got tuned today!!