Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mom, I told you . . .

Me: Made it through the first three days, but, boy-howdy am I tired! Teaching is a muscle and it atrophies after 9 weeks off. There is no warm-up, you are right in to a full-time gig. The kids are wonderful, I'm good at what I do and I love it. The muscle will get stronger and this time next week I won't feel like I've been slammed. I am so lucky to be teaching with a fellow teacher, Ben, who is very good at what he does and can definitely hold his own. The past few years I was working with a very smart teacher but she lacked some of the interpersonal skills that are so very important. I am so glad that the kids are having fun and getting good instruction even if I am not their primary music teacher.

The Construction: There are still 3 work orders in the queue for my classroom and as long as we don't have an earthquake, we should be okay. Seriously, I need a cabinet attached to the wall or we are going to have a smooshed kid or teacher.

Belle: Made it through 3-days of Junior High. The first day was VERY rough. Locker combination mishaps, lost schedules, bus passes and finally leaving her gym clothes on the bus. The afternoon concluded with a few tears on Mom's shoulder. I totally support crying when you have had quite enough. The next two days were much better and she proudly announced that she was not late to any of her classes. She has definitely inherited my insistence on being on time.

Sadie: Is back at it with her little friends. There is a new boy at babysitting (I won't call it daycare). His name is Ryder and he made the mistake of not hugging Sadie when she was leaving. He will learn quickly that Sadie is not to be trifled with. Sadie is getting a little "tude" and I will be addressing that soon. In front of company was not the appropriate time. I was asking her where something was and she said: "Mom, I. DON'T. KNOW". Even her sister knows not to speak to me like that.

Coming Up: My Dear Husband's birthday party.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An Attempt

I am attempting to prepare for a new school year. It appears that the longer I teach the less enthusiastic I am about a summer ending and a new year beginning. Fortunately, I have found that once the kiddos show up and I suddenly turn into "Mrs. Berry" I realize that I love my job and the excitement of a new year reveals itself.
I really, really want to blog more often, we'll see how that goes. Copying the freeway diva and ms. leen I will categorize a bit.

Me: As mentioned above, waiting for the transformation from "mommy" to "Mrs. Berry", hopefully I will be able to change hats smoothly. As a colleague said, starting a new year is going from zero to 60 and there is not a lot to stop that from happening.

The Construction: our campus is undergoing a major remodel. There is a bulldozer moving dirt as I type and the staff has a contest going to predict how many times The Construction will set off the fire alarm this year. As a result of The Construction I have had to move from my classroom of 12 years to a portable. At this time I only have 3 boxes that still have "stuff" in them. I have no more room to put said "stuff".

Belle: My darling will be starting junior high tomorrow. I am nervous and afraid. She has been with me for every day of her educational life and now I have to let her go off on her own. What if she forgets something, or somebody is mean to her, or she needs a hug, or I need a hug? I miss her.

Sadie: Is back to her friends tomorrow. She insists that she doesn't want to go but I know she will have fun with her little buddies. I will miss her too and will be crying when I drop her off. I am so fortunate to have weeks with my girls instead of weekends.