Monday, August 10, 2009

Event Planner Extroidinaire!

I now have a 12 year-old living with me. It seems just a bit ago that she was a silly 11 year-old but she is now a tired and distracted 12 year-old. Which is all quite normal and developmentally appropriate and when ever my kids are normal and developmentally on track, I'm happy, albeit annoyed at times. The girls and I have decided that TTYO would excel and a profession which involved planning events for people. She always plans plenty of activities so that no one is sitting around "doing nothing". "Doing nothing" at birthday parties seems to be her pet peeve. I will add, too, that my daughter has excellent taste in friends. She has no patience for drama queens and artfully excludes them from the invite list while still being kind and polite to them at school. Her friends are also dutifully patient with the 3 year-old and include her when at all possible. To which her mother is eternally grateful.

On a personal note, I am preparing to "teach teachers" tomorrow, which is always stressful. Teachers tend to talk too much and you can't put them in a time out. You prayin' types, if you wouldn't mind spending a few moments on your knees, I would appreciate it.