Tuesday, May 26, 2009

and so it begins . . .

There is much on my plate over the next three weeks and it is somewhat interesting to watch how I deal with the stress. I get floating headaches that require daily doses of ibuprofen, for one thing and I get a bit impatient with both children and grown ups. That would be the downside. The upside is that I increase the amount of exercise I partake in and I tend to pray more. I also have wonderful friends who pray for me, and I definitely can feel it. I don't know if you have ever had the joy of feeling prayer working, but if you pay attention, you can.

Tonight is the school board presentation of which I am the speaker and the director of my kiddos playing marimbas. I'm sure it will all go fine, but I still get all twirly before these things. I am sharing the history of our work with the Sister Schools organization and I figure that know matter how I say it, telling people that I help kids in America help kids in Africa is definitely a good thing. Plus, I hope that the school board writes really big checks for the cause.

Friday night is my favorite. The Sister Schools Benefit concert. It will be a beautiful thing, how can it not be? Kids helping kids. I am convinced that know matter the outcome, my students will always know that they did something to make the world a better place. Here's a link to the info if I haven't bugged you enough yet.

Then there is the musical, the end of year movie, and getting new computers for my staff. All stuff I love. Except for the computer thing, I would gladly give that up.

So, you praying types, keep them coming, they're working.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


For those of you non-educator types May is one of the hardest months of the school year. Here is why:
  • First, the 6th graders are sprouting all sorts of changes to their physiology of which they are all incredibly aware and self-conscious about and add to that the incredible timing of teaching "growth and development" during this month of months. So, there they are growing in embarrassing places and listening to your teacher talk about those embarrassing places while all of your friends are in the same room listening to the talk about those embarrassing places. Then they all go out to recess and pretend that nothing is happening.
  • Then, the 5 and 6 year-olds revert back to behaviors that they started the year with and of which their teachers have worked so hard to change, but nooooo we all get to start back at ground zero!
  • Then of course, we have the teachers who are so completely done with teaching and just want it to be summer and "don't tell me what to do or when to do it or I will scream" and no one will be speaking to each other on the last day of school!!!
  • Then, of course, we all have to get musicals, and programs, and concerts stuffed into this month because goodness knows we can't do anything in June, because we are REALLY checked out by then.
But, please come to the Sister Schools Benefit Concert, it's going to be great! My kids will be singing and playing marimbas and the children from Mokono Orphanage and Boarding School in Uganda will be there to sing and dance and it will be so wonderful I will forget that it's May! Go to http://fwweb.nsd.org for ticket information!