Monday, January 19, 2009

This time . . .

I will be at school tomorrow, with children who will be witnessing history along with all of us. The last time I witnessed history with children was on September 11. I came to school in a fog. Wanting to pray with my kids, but knowing that I couldn't. I cheated a bit and we sang "Peace Like a River". I'll never forget the 3rd grade girl who asked me "Why do they hate us?". I tried to help her understand something that was impossible to understand. Tomorrow I get to witness history with children again. This time we will be joyful and hopeful. Not frightened, sad and angry. This time we'll sing songs about Freedom and America.

Larry King was asking last night "what does this inauguration mean to you?" and I guess that it means that I am joyful and hopeful not frightened and sad.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Mommy: well we have undertaken the "potty training" adventure! As you can see in the photo on the left, TTYO is on her own agenda. When she found these new underpants in her stocking, she insisted that they were her sister's, because, though she had gone on the potty one time already, she told me, "I don't do that two times!". So, yes, she has her underpants on, but not always using that as an excuse to actually go potty. She won't wet her pants, she'll just hold it. Of course, the mommy in me worries about bladder infections. She is more comfortable going on the potty at home. At the babysitter's house, it only seems to happen on Mondays. Through a series of 3-year old conversations, I have deduced that she is worried that if she goes on the potty she won't be my baby anymore. (insert tears here). I continue to hold on to the hope that she will not be wearing diapers when she is twelve.

Mrs. Berry: I have spent day two of three in a tech training. I think that if I had a job where I sat in front of a computer all-day I would go insane. I am learning a bit, but the trainer seems to be teaching us something and then saying, "okay, play with that for a while". I can only "play" for about 2 minutes, while she seems to be giving us 20. Please give me small children!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back at it!

Mrs. Berry: Well, I have returned from the Christmas Vacation that went on forever!It was great, but gee I sure like being a teacher. SAVE THE DATE! I have finally successfully secured a workable date and venue for the Second Annual Sister Schools Benefit Concert (SASSBC).
May 29th at Redeemer Church in Kenmore. My Marimba Club had it's first rehearsal and given the progress made in 25 minutes of actually playing, I am VERY optimistic. I have also made a connection with the Odyssey School on Bainbridge Island and it is looking like Paul's Marimba Ensemble may be playing with us. $5000.00 is our goal to complete the Resource Center at the Mokono Boarding School in Uganda. Yeah, that's a big number but we did gather $4000.00 last year considering that $5 million would probably be the goal if we wanted to complete a Resource Center in the US.

Gratitude: For a job that I love and seems reasonably secure given the current economy. For a president-elect who speaks in complete sentences and in a manner that leads me to believe that he believes I might actually have a brain.

Movies and books: I finished the great tome, The Discovery of Heaven! For a 750 page book it flowed along quite rapidly and I loved the characters. I give it 4 of 5 mommies. The DH and I watched a few movies during the Snowpocolypse. No Country for Old Men, which was a great Cohen Brothers movie, Tommy Lee Jones never seems to stray too far but he does a great job delivering a well-written script. Horton Hears a Who- I don't care what you say, Jim Carey is funny in my book and Steve Carrell (sp?) has a fan in me. This also led me to a read-aloud in my classroom. I love reading Dr. Seuss. He takes the greatest risks with rhyme and it always seems to pay off. Prince Caspian - I liked the first one better and this was pretty violent for a kids movie. Not as much magic either, but Prince Caspian was pretty dreamy. DH dvr'd a Denzel movie called De'ja Vu which took a good sci-fi twist and was very good. Denzel is sooooo nice to look at. The fam and I watched Polar Express, it was TTYO's first time watching a full-length movie and she did well, considering how intense this one can be. She kept telling us that she didn't like it, but cried at the end saying "I want to watch it again!!!".

Anticipating: Finally getting all of the Christmas decorations down and January 20th.

Prayer: I think we are heading to St. James tomorrow for a Peace Mass for Gaza. How about this? We reserve an island, let's call it War Island, and whenever some government feels like killing each other we send all of the soldiers to War Island to battle it out? Then we have no civilian casualities and everyone on the home front can have food, water, and electricity? Yes call me Pauliana, but as I heard someone say, " we can start a war in 24 hours, why can't we start peace in 24 hours?"

Friday, January 2, 2009

Cleanin' Up!

I love the holidays, I really do. But . . . I'm glad to be movin' on to a new year.

The New Year: the eve was spent at Miss Amy's, which was very fun. Mathias beat Mr. Kevin and I at pool, we had some very yummy chicken, and Miss T brought the baked goods that I so look forward to. Oh, and I cannot forget the very decadent "sweet bacon" that Auntie Oof brought along. The day of was also very pleasant. We had a number of guests rolling through the house while we served French Toast, bacon, eggs, mimosas, coffee, etc. TEYO announced in the late evening, "I have had three meals today, but none of them were lunch!".

Cleanin' Up: something about this time of year gets me to organizing and cleaning. The tree is down, closets are in need of serious revamping, I emptied out the file cabinet. Blah, blah, blah. Is it normal for one to get such a charge out of cleaning?